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Break Free from your Allergy

with the 5 Biological Laws of Nature

- Dr. Johan Denis


I dedicate this book to all those who suffer from allergies. May the insights within this book provide them with confidence in the wonderful workings and deep wisdom of their bodies. The allergic symptoms they have experienced were no defects but were always meaningful. 

It was all about being alert and ready to warn us of what was once shocking us. That was all...
Once the old ghost is understood and released, the complaints are immediately gone.

More than 40 healed real-life cases

Sometimes a short story says more than a thousand words....

Whether it concerns skin complaints, hay fever, asthma or intestinal complaints - it always works the same way!

Once we understand the process and the language of our organism, everything becomes crystal clear.

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About Johan Denis

Dr Johan Denis has been working as a naturopathic doctor with specialisation in homeopathy for over thirty years.

He has always been a seeker of truth and the essence of healing. He works daily with the laws of the GNM (German New Medicine) in his practice and has been teaching it for many years.

"With this book, I want to make the phenomenal insights of the GNM accessible to everyone in simple and recognisable language. " 

It is like stepping into another, parallel world; the world of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature. Is this really how it works? 

With many living examples from our daily lives, we discover the breathtaking simplicity of these laws and the wondrous correlations that lead to allergies. 

“This is truly a new medicine ... freely available to all!" 

Can you break free from your allergy symptoms in just one session? 

More than 40 cases are  proof of this!

Some of the healed cases highlighted in this unique book on Allergy

Apple allergy 

strong swelling of the lips

Cat allergy

shortness of breath and stuffy nose

Pollen allergy 

strong hay fever symptoms with sneezing and watery eyes

Scampi allergy

hives all over the body

Gluten/milk allergy

diarrhoea and intestinal cramps

Milk allergy


House dust allergy

shortness of breath and asthma

Nut allergy

diarrhoea and intestinal complaints

Break free from your allergy in a single session

Can it really be that simple?

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"Break Free from your Allergy"

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