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Quantum Leap in medicine

More About Johan Denis
"It is my belief that a new world is emerging, where all the old paradigms are being questioned. The time has come to look for forms of coexistence based on service and truth."

About Johan 

Johan Denis worked as a holistic doctor with specialisation in homeopathy from 1985 to Dec 2020. He was first introduced to the GNM in 1995 and through endless reading, practice observations and his own cases, he made this new view of medicine his own. He went on to teach this for many years. He has been a family constellation facilitator since 2001 and did refresher courses with many prominent constellation practitioners, including Bert Hellinger himself. With EFT (emotional freedom technique), Johan helps people discharge the emotional charge of traumatic events.

The pandemic as transformation: In 2021 he voluntarily relinquished his doctor's license, as he could  no longer agree with the attitude of the medical world towards  the whole pandemic narrative. This is deontologically no longer compatible with his mission as a doctor to heal people and, above all, not to harm them.

The 5 biological laws are no more or less than the philosopher's stone in medicine;  they represent a real quantum leap in the art of healing. In every transformation lies an opportunity. Thus the idea was born to guide people with all the acquired insights of the GNM through zoom consultations and classes, where through the application of these breathtaking laws and trust in the self-healing capacity of our organism, we can once again simply be… healthy!

"Through the complaints, you can read into people's souls what they have gone through. 
Each symptom tells what is going on in their life and mirrors a dramatic life situation."

- Dr. Johan Denis

Quantum leap in medicine

GNM Online stands for German New Medicine Online.

With the formulation of the five biological laws of nature, GNM represents a real quantum leap in medicine.

Healing from an integral health vision

Deep healing is only possible by taking into account pathogenic or stagnating factors at all levels of our humanity: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Understanding the existence and operation of Universal Laws (Natural Laws) is crucial in this.

By properly understanding these laws, we can restore balance within ourselves. 

The 5 basic biological laws formulated by the GNM are based on these Universal Laws. This makes every illness a lawful process that can be understood by everyone, where we can intervene by addressing the cause. Once the cause is solved, the effect disappears by itself.

"This new perspective on my allergy symptoms has changed my life."

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Fundamental attitude - the Golden Rule

As a free and sovereign living human being, I want to contribute to peace on earth in all its forms. I acknowledge the existence of timeless natural Universal Laws and choose to obey and follow them. As a responsible custodian of our living planet Earth, I feel included and connected to the greater whole. I am subservient and have only love and compassion in my heart for my fellow humans and fellow creatures and follow as a guideline for all my actions the Golden Rule: "Don't do to another what you don't want to happen to you."

I wish everyone happiness, abundance, peace and love. This basic attitude can also be found in "The Declaration of Peace" of the United People Foundation, which, apart from good stewardship of all life, also formulates all our basic rights as well as commitments to e.g. trade and property.